I’m Meghann Darne, LCSW.

I’m a therapist who’s been practicing social work for over 16 years.

I know how hard it is to ask for help, and I congratulate you on this important first step.  There is still a social stigma attached to going to therapy. It can feel like something is wrong with you and that you need to be fixed.  This isn’t the case. I believe therapy is a tool for self-discovery and way to help us to deepen our connection with Self and to become more at peace with the human experience. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or fearful. Maybe you experienced a loss or are going through a life transition. With therapy, you will have a space to process what you are experiencing and through that you will begin to discover new ways of looking at things, old wounds that need tending to and you can begin that process of healing.